Internet Marketing

It has been a long time since Techie has been active. This is the first domain name I purchased in the late 90s. I paid $100 bucks for it and that was a lot of money for me at that time. I got online officially in 1998 with my dial up modem and HP Celeron Computer. In fact, a TV show called The Screen Savers on ZDTV got me very interested in computers. That is one reason I started Techiegirl was to build a fan site around the show. I wrote silly stories about Leo Laporte, Kate Botello, and the rest of the crew. To look back at it now…. I was writing fan fiction which is something I would never do now and the tv fan fiction I have read recently freaks me out. Hopefully I did not freak anyone out back then. I mean I was young… okay I was 20 something… still young right? Yep, I was a geek and proud of it. I was surrounded by geeks online and the majority of the time being the only gal in the The Screen Savers chat room. I was on the show a couple of times with my new netcam (as it was called) that I suppose many people did not have because I was on there a lot along with a few others. Plus a 56k modem so I could not use the audio and had to be on camera with a cell phone. It was a work around. Well the site went from TV Show fan site, to Proud to be a Geek Girl site, to nothing. For the past  years I would say that it has been a blank canvas and has sat wasting away… until now. Continue reading