It has been a long time since Techie has been active. This is the first domain name I purchased in the late 90s. I paid $100 bucks for it and that was a lot of money for me at that time. I got online officially in 1998 with my dial up modem and HP Celeron Computer. In fact, a TV show called The Screen Savers on ZDTV got me very interested in computers. That is one reason I started Techiegirl was to build a fan site around the show. I wrote silly stories about Leo Laporte, Kate Botello, and the rest of the crew. To look back at it now…. I was writing fan fiction which is something I would never do now and the tv fan fiction I have read recently freaks me out. Hopefully I did not freak anyone out back then. I mean I was young… okay I was 20 something… still young right? Yep, I was a geek and proud of it. I was surrounded by geeks online and the majority of the time being the only gal in the The Screen Savers chat room. I was on the show a couple of times with my new netcam (as it was called) that I suppose many people did not have because I was on there a lot along with a few others. Plus a 56k modem so I could not use the audio and had to be on camera with a cell phone. It was a work around. Well the site went from TV Show fan site, to Proud to be a Geek Girl site, to nothing. For the past  years I would say that it has been a blank canvas and has sat wasting away… until now.

I’ve decided to make this site about things going on with me and my journey in Internet Marketing in the hopes it will help others. I also admit I will use it as a platform to promote my own products.

So, let me give you a little background on how I got involved with Internet Marketing. I do not really remember how I found the Warrior Forum but I was soon buying every WSO that gave a hint I could make money online. Chasing every shiny object that came out. I believe it was in 2007 that I finally found a program that interested me and I was able to make a little money. The product dealt with building websites to sell on Ebay. That was one talent I had as when I wasn’t working and going to school, I was learning about graphics and website design. That is a story I’ll share another time. Anyways, I did okay with it and I eventually moved on to Auto Blogs. Like I said my creative side love it and I was able to make money.I did very well with Auto Blogs, in fact, I did so well that Google took notice. Soon all my sites were de-indexed, sandboxed, whatever happens to them they went to burn in Google Hell. Thank goodness that did not ban my adsense account. I eventually became frustrated because I was unable to find a way to make money doing what I loved. Isn’t that what everyone says? Do what you love and you will make money at it??? Well, I was trying but just never did turn another good buck.

As I said, frustrated I decided to look at another side of Internet Marketing, product development. I took several courses where I learned how to post a WSO, how to do sales pages, why lists are important, and how to take knowledge or skills you have and develop them into a product. I missed something huge in 2007, I did not understand the marketing part of internet marketing.  I soon came to point where I realized that there is a need for well designed and developed Niche Blogs. I can do what I love and people will buy it. I have the skills and I have learned how to use them.

Guess what happened… people no longer needed niche blogs. That is one thing you can count on in Internet Marketing, things are always changing.

So what am I doing now? Software/desktop apps. You can find many of them on Warrior Plus and I will start posting links to them on this site.

So if you are in doubt to your future in Internet Marketing… don’t give up. Take time to review what exactly you want to do in Internet Marketing. Just make sure that you do enjoy what you are doing.

Remember Never Give Up!


To Your Success,



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